Forms for Scholarship Applications

$500 AMCRE scholarships are now available to a few deserving children and grandchildren of AMCRE members in good standing. Please click on the link below for complete details and application forms. If you are interested in competing for one of these scholarships, please download (icon upper right, next to print icon), then select "Open with" and choose "Adobe Reader" in the option box. Once the application document is open in Adobe Reader, you can print out the application it out to complete the forms. Don't select the "Print" icon on the on-line document as it will not print properly.

The form--alas!--does not allow on-screen fill-in; you will have to use a typewriter or neatly hand-print.

Please note that the Scholarship Application link, below, does not currently have the introductory announcement and instructions attached. You must submit applications by 31 May! The current announcement (with instructions) is here, on the AMCRE Breaking News page.

AMCRE Scholarship Application