News of Important Issues Affecting AMCRE Members and
All Mendocino County Retired Employees

This is the page for breaking news of issues that may be of immediate concern to AMCRE members and other Mendocino County retired employees. We urge you to check here to keep up to date. Of course, we'll continue to write about issues in The Connection but that only comes out four times a year.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE NEXT GENERAL MEETING: Monday, February 11, 2019 at noon at the Sheriff's Training Center, 951 Low Gap Road, Ukiah. Sheriff Allman is kind enough to host the lunch (hopefully a BBQ) and will also speak. We will have someone from the Ukiah Valley Hospital's "Live Well" program. This is free to members. Details will be in the next newsletter.

OTHER GENERAL MEETINGS for 2019: May 13, 2019, August 12, 2019 (summer picnic) and December 9, 2019 (holiday party). Details in future newsletters.


According to the Retirement Administrator, Dr. Richard Wilbanks, all Retirees from Mendocino County should go on line and sign up for MEMBER DIRECT-PENSION GOLD. Go to the Retirement Website:, look at the top left corner and click Member Direct link. Go to Create Account if you haven't already done so. Each member can then login and create an account or see your account, beneficiaries, Retirement paycheck stub, etc. Every member in the system has a Member Direct Account. If you are having issues and can't figure it out, or if you don't have internet, please contact Judy Zeller at the Retirement Administration Office at 707-463-4328 for assistance.


This year we are increasing the scholarship amounts from $500.00 to $750.00 ($375.00 per semester upon proof of enrollment and a minimum GPA to be determined by the Scholarship Committee). We offer 4 scholarships per year to the children, grandchildren or even the retirees themselves upon qualification. We have been having difficulty giving away all 4 scholarships each year and we need your help to notify your family members they are available. Applications will be available on our website in April, and the exact information on how to apply will be in the April newsletter. Successful applicants will be invited to attend the summer picnic to be introduced to the members.

Scholarships for the children or grandchildren of Mendocino County Retirees who are members in good standing with A.M.C.R.E. Each scholarship will be paid in two installments, one at the beginning of each semester, with proof of enrollment. Applicants must be graduating seniors or returning college students who are planning to further their education through an accredited college, university or trade school.

To apply write a one page essay, which should include the name of his or her parent or grandparent who is a member of A.M.C.R.E., the department from which he or she is retired, information about the applicant's interests and which school and field her or she plans to work toward. Application should also include a copy of the AMCRE Scholarship Application, which is available at the AMCRE Website (, a current high school or college transcript, and two letters of recommendation from high school teachers, college or trade school teachers, or administrators. Mail 3 complete packets to Cyndi Montesonti, Scholarship Chairman, P.O. Box 903, Ukiah CA, 95482. If you have any further questions, please contact Cyndi Montesonti at 707-489-7752.

Applications must be received by May 31. Successful applicants will be invited to attend a presentation at a future meeting.


AMCRE Board of Directors are working on planning the summer picnic for Monday, August 12 at the Redwood Valley Lions Park. We always plan it for 5:00 p.m. when there is a beautiful breeze to keep us cool. Chuck Thornhill, along with Tom Liberatore, will be our chefs. Menu will be announced in the next newsletter, but please mark the date on your calendars so you will be sure to attend. Also be on your toes, because Sue Thornhill is working on planning a fun game and an ugly sweater contest for the holiday dinner December 9, 2019.


Remember your retirement check you receive on April 30th will be larger than the previous month. Even though the Retirement Board voted to change how our cost of living is calculated, we still are above the national average and as we all know Social Security. COLA percentages are usually voted on at the Retirement Board February meeting. Amount usually appears in the next newsletter and under BREAKING NEWS.


Once again, AMCRE reserved the Broiler Steakhouse for our holiday party which will be held on the second Monday in December at 5:00 p.m. Cost to be determined. Details will come in the Winter newsletter. We will probably have an UGLY SWEATER CONTEST so keep your eyes out to purchase one. Please mark your calendars.


Please see the SCHOLARSHIP tab above and encourage your graduating seniors or already-in-college children or grandchildren to check out our Scholarship Program. Applicants could be eligible to win a $750 Scholarship. Applications are due to Cyndi Montesonti, Scholarship Chair, no later than May 31st. All information is above or under the Scholarship tab.


3 DECEMBER 2014: Please read this news release which summarizes MCERA's action to change the way annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Mendocino County retirees' pension benefits will henceforth be determined. This change is likely result in lower adjustments, which will affect all future retirement benefits. Note in the press release, in the first paragraph, the link to the full 19-page analysis which purports to justify this change.