The AMCRE logo

AMCRE logo old.jpg

When AMCRE was created, someone needed to create a logo for its letterhead and newsletter. Member Andy de Grassi obliged with the orignal version shown here. Its inverted "L" shape makes it difficult to use on a website so it is just shown here for historical information.

The meaning of the logo, I'm told, is that the links of the chain represent the 20 1937-Act counties (that is, the counties in the retirement systems authorized under that act). Mendocino County's AMCRE was the last retiree organization for a '37-Act county to be created. The chain is fastened to a representation of a mighty oak tree, depicting the strength of CRCEA (California Retired County Employees Association, the guiding, umbrella organization for all the 20 '37-Act associations).

The banner across the top, reading, "Friendship-Unity-Strenth-Growth" is of course what AMCRE is all about and is retained on the home page logo banner for this website, even if a more pictorial oak tree scene is employed in place of the original stylized one.