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I had to post this newsletter quite out of sequence. I originally received it in a format I could not use. Eventually (February 2016) I got a usable (.pdf) version and, just to keep the on-line archive complete, I added it here.

January-February 2015

I apologize for posting this newsletter so late. The greater challenge of file conversions necessary and my own very hectic schedule dictated the unfortunate delay. I hope to get back on track now and do some other changes to the AMCRE website as well. You may notice that the web version of this newsletter has what was Page 7 of the printed version split into two pages. I did that for easier reading as here space is much less of an issue.

November-December 2014

There was no September-October issue of The Connection for 2014. Currently, AMCRE is producing only four newsletters a year, one before each general meeting (of which the barbecue and Christmas party are two).

July-August 2014

The AMCRE webmaster must apologize for the delay in posting the latest issues of The Connection; Pacific Internet, which generously hosts the AMCRE website, changed its upload protocol and your webmaster was behind in learning how to comply with its new security measures. All fixed now, which makes our website safer from attack by hackers.

April-May 2014

After this issue of The Connection had been mailed, the editor discovered a mistake in the pages printed; that error has been corrected in this on-line version.

January-February 2014

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March-May 2013

We apologize for posting this issue late to the website. When posting the July-August issue, it came to the attention of the webmaster that there was a gap after the January-February issue. Investigation with the newsletter editor turned up this missing issue.

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Please note that the meeting info on the cover of this issue is incorrect as included in this .pdf file. It was corrected (covered) with a stick-on label, on printed copies of the newsletter, as mailed to AMCRE members. The label read:
AUGUST 14 AT 5:00 PM
Please note also that the location of the picnic, as announced elsewhere in the newsletter, was to be at Lions Park in Redwood Valley, California. The location of Lions Park was listed in the sign-up sheet (Page 7) as "Road E" but in fact the park is on East Road (County Road 430), between the Gowan Way and Road E intersections.

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November-December 2010

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March-April 2010

This issue I think is our most important to date. It contains a brave attempt at chronicling the history of our retiree health care benefits, their funding mechanisms, and the many changes likely to come. There is also an update--very timely--on the recommendations of the Retiree Health Benefits Committee to the CEO for presentation to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors at its 20 April 2010 meeting, when the Board will almost certainly decide the fate of our retiree health care benefits.

January-February 2010

This issue, in addition to the usual stuff, contains a report from the 27 January 2010 meeting of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors meeting at which the Board and County staff kicked off this year's effort to slice, dice, and prop up our retiree health care benefits.

November-December 2009

This issue, in addition to the announcement, menu, and order form for the annual holiday luncheon, contains a report from the 2009 CRCEA Fall Conference and an editorial about the management of our pension fund, those criticizing it, and related issues.

September-October 2009

I'm pleased to announce that this issue of The Connection should be much faster to load as the file size is much smaller than many in the past, even though it contains some photographic images. I think that this must be because I'm using a higher-end program for the conversion from MS Word to .pdf.

July-August 2009

As I mentioned on the "Breaking News" page of this site, I had computer problems for a few months and was for a time unable to post updates to this website. We're back in business now so here are the last two issues of The Connection.

May-June 2009

March-April 2009
Please note: The clickable link for the MCWOW website in the newsletter is obsolete. I got it off the MCWOW anouncement and didn't notice that it was incorrect. The correct link (as posted elsewhere on this site) is
January-February 2009
Please note: The January-February 2009 newsletter was short of content (eight pages only). We had a flyer from Pacific Group Agencies (PGA), agents for Ameritas, provider of our new and improved dental plan. I had space to include the flyer with this issue of the newsletter so added it as the 9th and 10th pages. As I got it as a two separate .pdf files, I lacked the capability of incorporating it, with the first 8 pages, into one file. Therefore, the link above is just for the first 8 pages and the PGA flyer, which shows other PGA offerings available to AMCRE members, is available here:
CAUTION! These are very large files
("Front Page" is 9 megabytes and "Back Page" is 6 megabytes).
They will be very slow loading unless you have a broadband Internet connection.
(Hard copies of the flyer are available at the Retirement office.)
Front Page
Back Page.
November-December 2008
Please note: Once again, I must apologize for errors in the November-December issue of The Connection. I somehow managed to insert the previous issue's President's Message, instead of the correct, current one. Those who received the printed issue can see the corrected version in the on-line issue, linked here (above). While I was at it, I corrected a couple other little errors in other parts of the newsletter. I do hope that that's all of them!
September-October 2008
I'm sorry to say that this issue had some computer problems that I could not easily solve. When I ported it from WordPerfect to a .pdf file, the text in the box at the bottom of Page 3 (below the President's Message) went away. I couldn't fix it (I tried and tried) so here is what was in that box:
We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the AMCRE Board of Directors for the letter that was sent out alerting members to the proposed changes in the cost of the health care benefits. In addition-with the help of Terry Melvin, Bill Fitzgerald, Dennis Rohrs, Jack Brush, and AMCRE Board members-we made telephone contact with many members for which we have current phone numbers. If you did not receive a call or a message on an answering machine, we probably do not have your current phone number. You can send updated telephone contact information to AMCRE at P.O. Box 903, Ukiah, CA 95482. Be sure to also notify the Retirement Office at (707) 463-4328 of any change in address.
I also apologize for some other formatting errors that occurred, especially in the membership report. For the next issue, I'm trying a different solution that goes from MS Word to .pdf, bypassing WordPerfect.

I must further beg your forgiveness for not having posted the 08 SEP-OCT newsletter much sooner. I just couldn't face trying to sort out this mess, after initial lack of success. I didn't tackle it until I was about to begin the next newsletter. Alas, waiting produced no better results!
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I think I can now safely say that no more back issues prior to those above will get added by me. If someone else cares to take on the project, I'll be glad to let you have at it!


If you have a newsworthy item of interest or concern to AMCRE members, a story (true or fictional) that you think we might enjoy, or a profile you'd like to write about another member, please contact The Connection's editor via e-mail (preferred!), at CONNECTION EDITOR or by snail-mail:

The Connection Editor
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Some items may be considered for the AMCRE website, as well.