What is CRCEA?

CRCEA is the California Retired County Employees Association . CRCEA is the umbrella organization that gives great strength to its 20 member associations (county retiree associations for all counties in the 1937-Act retirement systems).

From the CRCEA website:

According to its bylaws, CRCEA's general purpose is ". . . to provide a central coordinating group, through which the desires and objectives of the 20 local county associations may be advanced and to promote the health, happiness, and continued productivity of retirees, beneficiaries, and dependents of its local county associations."

To help fulfill its purpose, CRCEA monitors those state and federal legislative measures that may affect its member associations, often testifies before legislative committees, and at the time communicates directly with various elected legislators on specific issues. CRCEA also sponsors and promotes its own legislative proposals.

Please visit the CRCEA website HERE for more information about the organization and what it does for its member counties. [note that the crcea.org address is not working]

On the CRCEA website, you will also find contact information for the retiree associations of the orher 19 counties in the '37-Act system.


AMCRE & SCARE Co-Host the CRCEA 2011 Fall Conference in Santa Rosa!

22 SEP 11: The California Retired County Employees Association is the umbrella organization for all the retirees associations of 1937-Act Counties, of which Mendocino is one. Each year, CRCEA hosts two conferences to help the individual associations connect and keep abreast of issues of mutual interest and importance. The spring conference is hosted by a southern California county and the fall conference by one in northern California. This fall, AMCRE is pairing with Sonoma County's SCARE to co-host the conference, which is being held in Santa Rosa, in October.

AMCRE President Tom Libaratore had this to say about the conference:

AMCRE members, who are concerned about their future and where things might be going, will want to consider attending the upcoming 2011 CRCEA Fall Conference on October 24-26 at the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel in Santa Rosa. The attendance fee for AMCRE members is $10 but they do require folks to pre-register so please use the form enclosed in the newsletter. We will have more info at the general meeting on Tuesday the 11th but here is a short synopsis to give you an idea of some of the topics to be discussed. After the Tom & Dan show, the keynote speaker is Dave Jones, State Insurance Commissioner, followed by Valerie Brown, member of the White House Forum on health care, speaking on Health Care Issues. There will be a representative from AARP addressing Social Security and Medicare issues, a presentation on the good and bad of the wine industry, followed by breakout committees and the all important Hospitality Reception.

Tuesday is the big money day with discussions on 1937 retirement act legal issues, Telecommunication scams, public pension perspectives, Sacramento legislative reports, a round table session, another hospitality reception, and the Conference Banquet featuring door prizes and entertainment. AMCRE--or at least I--have been very busy scurrying up donations for the door prizes and gift bags, several Mendocino county businesses have been very generous in helping us promote Mendocino county to the rest of the state.

The last day, Wednesday, is a CRCEA business meeting that lucky folks such as our CRCEA Representative Ned Walsh will be attending!

We hope to see you there!
Tom also asked me to post the conference materials here so any member may read about what the conference offers and, if so desired, reserve a place to attend.